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The CIC-EC Reunion Island conducts and manages projects in clinical epidemiology that are made in 3 primary research axes: chronic and metabolic diseases, perinatal care and genetic, and infectious diseases.

  1. Cohort studies with diagnostic, etiologic, and prognostic applications
  1. Intervention studies in chronic diseases prevention (obesity, diabetes,…)
  2. Psychometric studies for measurements of self-perceived health and for the validation of measuring instruments like scale for cross-cultural and linguistic adaptations.

These research works take place in partnership with certified teams (Ministry of Research, Inserm, IRD), the University of Reunion Island, clinical unit of the CHU of Reunion, registers, centers of reference and competence, others regional establishments and institutional partners (Regional Health Agency, Santé Publique France, Biomedicine Agency) and associative like the Technopole of Reunion.

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Centre de Recherche Médicale et en Santé
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The RECaP network in a national network of Research in Clinical Epidemiology and in Public Health. It is a network of structures which includes 16 research units spread accross France.
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