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The ExPair2 project (Peer review of institutional research projects) has for aim to elaborate recommendations in the context of academic expertise using the formal consensus methodology described by the HAS (French National Authority for Health).
This work is in progress. A literature review has been made in July 2015 and was presented at EPICLIN 10 / 23rd Days of FCCC statisticians. This review led to proposals for recommendations in order to identify the most relevant items. A DELPHI survey is currently made to establish consensual recommendations that will later be validated by the formal consensus methodology.
The principal investigator is Corinne Alberti of the CIC-EC 1426 (Paris, Robert Debré). The project is funded by the call for proposals PREPS 2013. It is the follow-up of the ExPair project which has given place to two articles and one PhD thesis. The participation of the network happens at different levels, in the steering committee and as experts being interviewed during the DELPHI survey.


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The RECaP F-CRIN network in a national network of Research in Clinical Epidemiology and in Public Health. It is a network of structures which includes 15 research units spread accross France.
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