EPICLIN/Days of FCCC Statisticians

The French conference of Clinical Epidemiology (EPICLIN) is held every year since 2007. It is the occasion to gather researchers, epidemiologists, statisticians and clinicians working in the field of clinical and epidemiologic research. It is a privileged moment for knowledge exchange and to make a comprehensive update of recent works in clinical epidemiology and biostatistics.
The EPICLIN conference is organized by university-hospitals researchers in clinical epidemiology and public health. The city welcoming EPICLIN changes every year, this is a city having a research center of a university-hospital and near a French Comprehensive Cancer Center (FCCC). Indeed, in reason of common themes, EPICLIN and the Days of FCCC statisticians have made the choice of a conjoint organization, first every two year then yearly since 2014.

The network supports EPICLIN/Days of FCCC statisticians at several levels, scientifically, financially and also logistically. Actually, 1) some members of the network scientific committee participate in the scientific committee of the conference; 2) the network is in charge of the creation and updating of follow-up document of the EPICLIN/Days of FCCC statisticians in order to ease the transmission from one organization team to another.

The coordination committee of the network can also help the organization team of the conference EPICLIN/Days of FCCC statisticians if needed.   

In 2020, EPICLIN / Days of FCCC statisticians will take place in Angers, 13-15 May 2020.

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The RECaP F-CRIN network in a national network of Research in Clinical Epidemiology and in Public Health. It is a network of structures which includes 15 research units spread accross France.
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