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The CIC-EC 1433 conducts clinical epidemiology projects. Its thematic orientations favors:

1. Cohort studies with diagnostic, etiologic, and prognostic applications

2. Evaluation of innovative strategies and medico-economic approaches of action evaluation and clinical intervention (medical devices in neurology, new strategies in nephrology)

3. Psychometrics studies to develop patient reported outcome measurement scales assessing quality of life, fatigue, compliance, satisfaction with care

This research works are made in partnership with EA4360 APEMAC team (adaptation, measure and evaluation in health) and other certified teams (Inserm, CNRS and ministry of research) of Lorraine University, clinical units of Nancy hospital and others regional establishments (maternity home, anti-cancer centers) and institutional partners (Biomedecine Agency, National cancer Institute, Santé Publique France).

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CIC 1433 Epidémiologie clinique
Inserm, CHRU, Université de Lorraine
CHRU de Nancy-Hopitaux de Brabois
9 allée du morvan
54505 Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy
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CIC-EC 1433 - Inserm
CHRU de Nancy
9 Allée du Morvan,
54500 Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy

The RECaP network in a national network of Research in Clinical Epidemiology and in Public Health. It is a network of structures which includes 16 research units spread accross France.
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